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PHP Date Sort using scandir()

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I have been racking my brain with this with no obvious solution. For the life of me I cannot sort the following by date. When I run it I get the following output where 2024-02-01 should be before 2024-02-13:

  • 2024-01-30
  • 2024-02-13
  • 2024-02-14
  • 2024-02-01

$dirPath    = 'INuploads';

// $dirPath contain path to directory whose files are to be listed 
$files = scandir($dirPath); 


foreach ($files as $file) {
    $filePath = $dirPath . '/' . $file;
    if (is_file($filePath)) {
        echo "<a href='INuploads/$file' target=new>" . $file . "</a>". date ("Y-m-d", filemtime("$dirPath/$file"));

Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated. I have tried many different variotions of this, arsort, sort, ksort

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It apparently is sorting on the file name, not date the file was modified/created:

Array (
[0] => .
[1] => ..
[2] => AdvisorHub M&A Roundup 01-05-2024.docx
[3] => AdvisorHub Wealth Management Outlook 12-28-2023.docx
[4] => LPL Purchases Atria Wealth Feb 2024.docx
[5] => LPL Retention Offers to Atria Brokers.docx
[6] => Merrill loses team amid exodus of firm lifers Jan 2024.docx
[7] => Raymond James hits record assets Jan 2024.docx

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  • Solution

I don't fancy the chances of sorting your files by the dates embedded in their names.

Instead, get the filenames, get the date of each file, store in array, then sort the dates.

$files = glob("$dir/*.*");
$fdates = [];

foreach ($files as $f) {
    $fdates[basename($f)] = date('Y-m-d',filemtime($f));

echo '<ul>';
foreach ($fdates as $fn => $dt) {
    echo "<li>$dt &ndash; $fn</li>";
echo "</ul>";

Results wil look something like this



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