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MySQL / PHP Query Failure

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Okay, I have a query that works (echoed, copied, pasted, and tested). Returns 6 rows.

Run the same query in PHP using mysql_query or die combo - works great, no errors, HOWEVER, mysql_num_rows and mysql_fetch_row return0 results.


THIS IS NOT AN ERROR - it returns 0 rows on a succesful query.


Anybody else, suggestions, ideas?


This is WIERD.


//query for images
$strQuery = "select images_filename_thumbnail, imageEv_id, imageEv_event_name, i.id from     carnival_images i, carnival_images_events ie where i.id = ie.imageEv_image_id and imageEv_event_name = '$eventName'";
$resImage = $db->query($strQuery);
return $db->count_rows($resImage); // returns 0 rows, in ppMyAdmin returns 6 rows

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