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Tuning Apache / load average / maximum processes

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Is there someone who has experience with webservers with apache on it with 100000 hits aday.

The site is in pure html. The memory is over the 1 GB. Is it possible to load this site in memory?

The problem is that the load average is going over the 3.

What can i do about it ? Some settings from the httpd.conf :

Maximum headers in request : default

Maximum request line size: default

Maximum requests per server process : 500

Minimum spare server processes: 256

Maximum concurrent requests: 4096

Maximum spare server processes: 512

Initial server processes: 512

Keepalive: on

Keepalivetimout: 15

Keepaliverequests 100

Timeout: 300


Can some one tell me what settings I can try to get a lower load average on the server.

By the way the server is ultra wide scsi.



Any hint/tip is welcome... heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp :-)



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