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If value is blank show this record, if thats blank show nothing

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Using DW8, MySQL and PHP:


I'm extracting three parts of a recordset.


$row_query_fiction['fiction_title'] (story)

$row_query_fiction['chapter_no'] (nothing)

$row_query_fiction['chapter_title'] (A good start)


I want to display the title folloed by the name of the chapter, then if thats empty by the chapter number and if thats empty nothing.

    <?php if {
$row_query_fiction['chapter_title'] == "" {
if $row_query_fiction['chapter_no'] == "" {}
    else {echo ': Chapter ', $row_query_fiction['chapter_no'];}
    else {echo ': ', $row_query_fiction['chapter_title'];}
} ?>


Would output:

Story: A good start.


But all I get is Parse error: parse error, expecting `'('' in D:\http\ilweb-v\fiction.php on line 126 (which is first line)


What am I doing wrong?

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You seem to be mixed up with your brackets and order of if statements.


You could use something like




if($row_query_fiction['chapter_title'] != ""){
  echo ': ' . $row_query_fiction['chapter_title'];
if($row_query_fiction['chapter_no'] != ""){
  echo ': Chapter ' . $row_query_fiction['chapter_no'];



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