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Scripting projects and learning to deploy applications

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A product support engineer who's an aspiring sysadmin(linux) wants to have elaborative knowledge on "bash shell scripting" as well as in "deploying applications over the linux virtual machine(without using k8s, docker etc, just pure shell script or ansible)".

I don't want to be a software developer but want to be a systems administrator. I am working as a product support engineer and want to enhance my skillset on scripting and deployment. They say "learn by doing", so I want to follow it. But the issue is that I am unable to find what to do. There's very minimal need of scripting in my day to day workflow. Even if there's need of scripting, I have to use chatgpt to write it because the issues that I require aren't from beginner to advanced level sorted out.


Similarly goes for deployment. I can use chatgpt to write deployment ansible but I won't learn anything that way. Thus, I want a guided project based way to learn these two things. I am from Nepal and such jobs are in high demand as we're using old technologies in our country. Traditional tech is well paid. I haven't seen anyone using AWS in Nepal.

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