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How much to charge for a code generated website

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Hi Guys,

A local barber shop has approached me to build them a new website (upgrade on their existing) site. They are on the Wix.com platform. They want 2 sites, one temporary (static) just text and graphics, css and html etc and another 3 months down the line with booking features and a calendar so clients and admin can view their appointment diary. Wix.com has scheduling software and calendar features built into their software. Now I know pretty much everyone on here is a custom coder, including myself but it makes more business sense to generate this one. First, it would take time and my JS Skills aren't that great and secondly it would cost 3-4 times the price. I will be using Wix.com templates for the website design

So basically how much would someone charge for:

  • JS menu
  • JS Photo gallery
  • Text¬†
  • Graphics (JPG etc)
  • Google street view of the shop
  • Price list
  • Opening hours
  • Social Media links
  • Copy and Paste reviews from clients
  • Contact us Form
  • 5-6 Pages

And then the same question, but with the booking features and calendar (remember no coding) so it's just configurating the booking and calendar features

Many thanks


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