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[SOLVED] Subquery


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When i do the querys together the sum for total returns nothing however when i do them seperately they work fine, what am i doing wrong here:
SELECT zc.* FROM zip_code zc LEFT JOIN zip_holder zh ON zc.zip_code_id=zh.zip_code_id,
(SELECT SUM( zc1.quantity ) FROM zip_code zc1 LEFT JOIN zip_holder zh1 ON zc1.zip_code_id = zh1.zip_code_id WHERE zh1.cart_id='41a0efa279f4a129bb4064835b5a1fb9' GROUP BY zh1.cart_id) AS Total WHERE zh.cart_id='41a0efa279f4a129bb4064835b5a1fb9'[/code]
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That is strange; but why don't you have this as a single query? Try the following (UNTESTED):

[code]SELECT zc.*, SUM( zc.quantity ) AS Total FROM zip_code zc LEFT JOIN zip_holder zh ON zc.zip_code_id = zh.zip_code_id WHERE zh.cart_id='41a0efa279f4a129bb4064835b5a1fb9'[/code]

Hope that helps.
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