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I belive this would be a hack?

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Ok i am currently rebuilding my Online Clan site... my old site www.headstrongclan.net my new project is [a href=\"http://headstrongclan.shrapnet.com/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://headstrongclan.shrapnet.com/[/a]

Ok my question.. We use a ranking system and we have around 5 divisions (Diffrent games we play) In the admin panel

1. when a member joins a admin approves him

2. the admin could add him to his division page

3. the admin could assign a rank

All of this though the admin panel with drop down window to select the division , rank ect... i know this is possible but is it called a hack.? Please msn me or post here and let me know what yall thing... headstrongclan@hotmail.com is my msn and email .... Thanks... im still alittle new at php..

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No, this has nothing what so ever to do with Core PHP Hacking.

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