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So I decided to make an SDL module for PHP. I have had to adjust to somethings since PHP is made in C. But that's all taken care of. If any of you know SDL, you know there is a function called SDL_GetVideoSurface(), this is the function I am having trouble with.

I created SDL_SetVideoMode() like this:
[code]/** setup a video mode with the specified width, height, and bpp
*    @param    long width
*    @param    long height
*    @param    long bpp
*    @param    long flags
*    @return    resource (SDL_Surface)
    long width, height, bpp, flags;
    SDL_Surface *surface;
    if ( zend_parse_parameters(ZEND_NUM_ARGS() TSRMLS_CC, "llll", &width, &height, &bpp, &flags) == FAILURE )
    surface = SDL_SetVideoMode(width, height, bpp, flags);
    if ( !surface )
        php_error(E_WARNING, "%s() failed to set video mode to %dx%dx%d: %s",
            get_active_function_name(TSRMLS_C), width, height, bpp, SDL_GetError());
    ZEND_REGISTER_RESOURCE(return_value, surface, le_surface);

And so far, I have this for SDL_GetVideoSurface()
[code]/** returns a handle to the current display surface
*    @return    resource (SDL_Surface)
    SDL_Surface *screen;
    zval **surface_handle;
    screen = SDL_GetVideoSurface();
    if ( !screen )
        php_error(E_WARNING, "%s() failed to get current display surface: %s",
            get_active_function_name(TSRMLS_C), SDL_GetError());
    // ZEND_FETCH_RESOURCE(screen, SDL_Surface *, surface_handle, -1, le_surface_name, le_surface);

So, my question is, what exactly do the arguments of ZEND_FETCH_RESOURCE() need to be?

EDIT: This seems to be the first real Core PHP Hacking question in a while...

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