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i suppose it could be quite good, and is not bad at the moment, but i have two problems as soon as i see the homepage:
1, the white links at the top right dont seem to belong to the site as text is bigger than anything else.
2, those Google ads actually make your site look like a "sod the content, click my ads and make me money!" type site, especially as they're right in the middle taking up a huge portion of the page.
3, probably more to do with the end results of CMS's, but there are just far too many links crammed onto the homepage, with no clear seperation to make the different sections stand out.  These days, I personally try and keep links on the homepage quite minimal (normally just the nav and a couple of articles), just so the user is grabbed in straight away.
4, Maybe I'm getting old, but only until fairly recently, I loved small fonts, but coupled with a black background, it makes things even hard to get my head around, especially with the amount of stuff that's actually crammed onto the homepage.

So yeah - it's not bad, and much of my problem with the site is personal preference, but I reckon you could do alot more with it, starting with those adverts....
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