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Which OS do you prefer?


Which OS Do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which OS Do you prefer?

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    • Mac
    • Linux based
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i actually prefer Mac OSX overall, but chose Windows mainly because of how comfortable I am with it and how quickly I can get around and just get on with stuff.
Mac OSX has lots of eye candy and looks/operates a hell of a lot better, but I can't confidently say that if i had a 'technical' problem I'd be able to fix it without some serious Googling and headscratching.

If Linux supported Logic Pro or Cubase natively (which I don't believe it does) for music production, then I'd probably switch to Linux, as a few hours playing around, I was impressed at how (contrary to popular belief) how easy it was to get around, etc.
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Mac OS X for me - I only use XP for playing Counter-Strike: Source and development in the office due to the easier hardware customisation - I.e. using 4 monitors, and developing on an OS that a huge percentage of the target audience share always helps :)
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I prefer Gentoo Linux. Portage (the Gentoo package management system) is amazing, and I'm very comfortable with a *nix environment. I've got nothing against Apple and their products, but I refuse to support Microsoft. If I have to fix a Windows machine, I suppose I'll do it - but I won't be buying or recommending any Microsoft products for a long time. Probably forever. (I suppose I can hop down from my soap box now...)

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i would like to get into linux, but it would require learning...and i am lazy...OPEN SOURCE ROCKS!

i was raised on gatesware mostly...

first computer was a commodore 64....

next came the 486ds running dos 5.x i think

upgraded to 6.2...i learned a lot on dos...

then came win 3.1, win 95, 98, ME (ugh), 2k, and xp... at least two thirds of my short life have been on gatesware...

i know thats not much to brag about, but o well...
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I like OS X then Linux (Ubuntu currently). It would be nice if the mac hardware wasn't so much more expensive. I keep a copy of Windows around so I can play games, but when half my resources are required for virus/spyware protection its time to find another OS.
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That thing about Windows always getting spyware and virus is just crap. I run without a firewall and without antivirus, and I haven't had any problems for several years, that that thing about virus/spyware/adware is just plain BS. I personally have a problem with people who use Apple computers (Mac/OSX/whatever) since they almost always (yeah, I know may be some who don't) say that Windows is crap and that Windows users are stupid because they do not have a mac computer and that Apple's computers are the only good computers. THAT is the very reason why I don't even want an Apple product. You Mac users haven't considered that somebody actually might have another opinion that you? That somebody might not like Macintosh.

Just look at this: http://digg.com/apple/Ignorance_of_College_Students_is_Keeping_Windows_On_Top_of_Mac (both the article and the comments on Digg)
It's a perfect example of a such person.

Quotes from Digg comments (Warning: Some quotes contain profanities. Read at own discretion):
[quote=Digg user]This is a perfect example of a typical mac fanboy. They don't stop to think that maybe a Mac is not the answer to a lot of people. And their response is to call them ignorant and brainwashed for not using Macs. Looks like the author has had a drink from the Mac kool-aid and is brainwashed himself or at least has deluded himself.[/quote]
[quote=Another Digg user]Dude, not everyone cares about macs here.
I thought about getting one for a while, but then I realized that it turns you into an asshole to every one else.[/quote]
[quote=Yet another Digg user]College students don't have Macs because they are more expensive. I have an Centrino Duo HP Notebook that's almost half the cost of a MacBook with the same hardware. Another reason colleges teach around Windows is because the business world does not use Macs. Apple would even admit they are not built for business. Apple fans are probably going to digg me down for this comment but you have to admit, when was the last time you saw a job opening for an Apple Network administrator.[/quote]
[quote=another one]Hey fuck you. How's that for being ignorant? I buy whatever the hell I want. Maybe people don't buy into the whole "Macs are better" crap. (Even if they are).People should be able to buy what they want without being sneered at by some asshole that has a computer brand fetish.[/quote]

I think it is fine that some people like Macs, and I am glad that you are happy with your choice of computer/OS. Some people like Windows, some like Linux, some like Mac. FINE, if they weren't happy with what they chose, then I guess they would probably switch. I use both Linux and Windows and I am happy with both, the only difference that I don't go around saying that Mac (and its users) deserve anything. If you really want people to switch to Mac then I suggest you don't go flaming the Windows users. I doubt that many people would think "ah, those guys insult me, I better switch to what they use and be like them".
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[quote author=Daniel0 link=topic=122346.msg508879#msg508879 date=1169249193]
That thing about Windows always getting spyware and virus is just crap...etc...etc...etc

dude, who pissed on your chips?
chill out, it's friday!

i actually agree with your reasons rather than the strength of your arguments, and I do see where you're coming from re Apple vs Windows users. But it's no different to PHP vs ASP, Liverpool FC vs Manchester United, etc - it's easily dismissed (due to its weak relevence on anything important) as just pure mild biased banter.

Personally, I have chipped in a few £ worth in anti-Microsoft arguments, but not because I hate them, but just because of me disagreeing with one or two things at the time. No biggie. I have a serious problem with Apple and their prices. The SAME problem I have with Stella Artois beer. It's TOO expensive, yet they a) admit it and b) have quality to back it up. Even still, it's still a problem I have.

Sure, we have our preferences - but life's too short to get touchy about an OS though.

Bring back the ZX Spectrum. THEN I'll show you how an addictive game, intuitive software and all-round user friendliness didnt need the likes of Windows, OSX or Linux desktops to kick ass ;)
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XP for my desktop pc and Linux for my server and laptop.

Vista is a piece of crap.

XP will never get directx10 :(

OSX is the best, then linux

yes but OSX wont run on my hardware :(, linux has improved quite a lot this past year I think it is going to give both mac and microsoft a bit of competition. I think vista is the worst os I have seen in a long time and if anything helps ppl consider other platforms it will be vista.

I find it stupid that microsoft released vista with all the compatability issues and lack of drivers as I think it is the one advantage they had over some other operating systems. Linux now has better driver support than windows, If mac released a version of their os that would work on all hardware not just macs I think they would get more business. I know I would consider putting it on my desktop and laptop if they did that.

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Yeah I know that it might be a little harsh, but that "windows is bad, they deserve every virus they can get ^^  :P" comment really ticked me off, then the article I linked to came to my mind and I got even more annoyed so I had to add some more before posting.

Edit: This was in response to redbullmarky's post.

[quote author=redbullmarky link=topic=122346.msg508884#msg508884 date=1169250162]
Personally, I have chipped in a few £ worth in anti-Microsoft arguments [...]
Just curious, how would you make money from that?
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I use Windows because its the most widely used and then Linux to play around on :) Don't really like Mac OS's the server software I have used has obviously been developed by a graphic designer rather than a network engineer but the main reason for my taste is the lack of use so I don't feel comfortable with it.
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