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Darkness Soul

Question about Lan House

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People, I'm looking for some informations.. I wish to open my own business, a Lan House (Cyber Coffee, and others name around the world)..

But, how to start? About the most played games.. I think it's easy to discover, but what is "cool"?

What kind of place is the most wanted.. what inside it? Just the computers around or with somekind of "foods and drinks"?

And the machines? System requeriments? What kind of local server? Windows? Unix? System requeriments of both, client and server machines.. what is great (cost/benefit)?

Hmm.. don't know much more ideas to say.. i really need help. =)

Oh, the control program.. I don't know these progs..

Sorry for 'my bed english', I'm learning this language yet.. to read is easy, but to write it's so hard.. =)

Thank you all! \o/

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I've thought about starting something like this before on several occasions, but I'm sure the start-up costs are huge!

In my opinion, you'd need a minimum of 32-64 mid-high spec'd computers. By this I mean something like a 2.8-3.0GHz CPU, 1024Mb RAM, something like a GeForce 6600(GT) GFX card. Then all the extras like monitors, keyboards, mice, headphones, other misc internal components...

As for servers, you'd need one per game playing idealy, and if your serving 32 players, you'd need something fairly powerful, dual processors, 2048Mb RAM etc.

Networking equipment, you'd need a few high speed switches, 10/100 should be fine now, but with the advancements in these games it would probably be worth getting 10/100/1000 to future proof it a bit.

Then you'd need to buy 32-64 copies of each game you'd wish to have played, although some companies, such as Valve offer Cyber-Cafe liscences for large numbers, which might work out cheaper.

Games, 1st person games appear to be most popular online, stuff like Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Call of Duty, Unreal Tournament, Quake etc. Although RTS games could be quite good on a LAN, Age of Empires 3 and stuff.

Refreshments would be a good idea :)

I don't quite get what you mean by control programs...

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What I was mean with control program..

Like this [a href=\"http://www.terrasoft.com.br/netwin/\" target=\"_blank\"]software[/a]. Or this [a href=\"http://www.netwatts.com.br/\" target=\"_blank\"]one[/a].

The name sounds good: Lan House Manager.

That's what i mean to! =D

But this one is a fish in the sea.. =/

;) {editing urls}

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