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Granting authority

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Hi Friends

I created a webpage thru which i allow users to learn SQL through DB2 UDB.Initially I created an instance which i set to environment variable.

Then i attached the instance to the Win NT user name and password.My prj needs db2 commands to be executed from a webpage.Actually i am able to execute all those db2 commands which needs no

authorization.But when i tried to create sample db which has sysadm authority thru php,I enocounter this error \"SQL1092N \"SYSTEM\" does not have the authority to perform the requested command\".Pls let me know how to grant authority to server to create sample db thru webpage and allow access to all db2 commands which has sysadm or sysctrl or dbadm authority.I use PHP 4.1,Apache 3.x,Win NT and DB2UDB 7.1.I ve attached the code for ur reference


<?php //Start of PHP

session_start(); //Staring a SESSION








$instance contains the instance name obtained from the previous page in a form

//ly $login and $pwd contains the domain username and password


system(\'db2stop\'); //Stopping the current instance


$ins=\"db2icrt \".$instance.\" -s ee -p D: -u \".$Login.\",\".$pwd;

system($ins); //Executing $ins


echo \"<BR>Instance ($instance) created succseefully\";

prints::Instance (newinst) created succseefully


putenv(\"db2instance=$instance\"); Setting the current instance to env variable


system(\'db2cmd /c /w /i db2 get instance\');

Prints ::The current database manager instance is: NEWINST




SQL5043N Support for one or more communications protocols failed to start successfully. However, core database manager functionality started successfully.




SQL1092N \"SYSTEM\" does not have the authority to perform the requested command





?> //End of PHP



Thanx in advance.

Thanks and regards


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