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function form for loop


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( I'm dutch so my englisch is poor sorry :'( )

I've got a Ajax script with a for loop.
I want to make a new request from inside the for loop with a created onclick

as result i get this

id 1
id 2
id 3

i give this id with my onlick as you can see in my code below.
but if i click on the link in my result table te output in the next function handle_fact is always 3.

my code:

for loop:
for ( i=0;i<results.length; i++){
          var artId = result.getElementsByTagName("artId");
          var artId = artId.item(i);
          var artId = artId.firstChild.nodeValue
          var artTr = document.createElement("tr");
          var artaddTd = document.createElement("td");
          artaddTd.className = "addTd";
          artaddTd.innerHTML = artId;
          artaddTd.onclick = function()
              make_request('mandje.php?id=' + artId, 'handle_fact', 'GET', null, true);

result code handle_fact:
function handle_fact(result) {
    var productenDiv = document.getElementById("productenDiv");
    var results = result.getElementsByTagName('result');
    productenDiv.innerHTML = '';
    for( ii=0; ii<results.length; ii++) {
    var test= result.getElementsByTagName("test");
    var test = test.item(ii);
      productenDiv.innerHTML = test.firstChild.nodeValue;
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That's certainly going to break!
  You can't make requests that fast. Each one is going to listen for a ready state.

If you had 1000 items, you'd make 1000 server requests in 10ms!
Of course, it'll break by the second one.

You should find a way to preallocate those values.
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