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php odbc Mac OS!

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I set up an odbc driver (ms sql) for mac (actual), and it works, based on a simple connectivity test.

However, when I used the old odbc sting in my app that works fine on a pc, I get 'DB error, extention not found for....".

I am entirely new to macs. What should the syntax be of the ODBC string for a php app (using Pear DB, if it helps :) What else should I be aware of?

The windows stings was "odbc://userid:password@odbc_url/DSN"
I also tried "DSN=...UID=....PWD=...."


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Hi, i see that you used php and odbc on pc. i have also done the same configuration and created a file called 'odbc.php' were my connection to the database was established. but can you tell me the code to write in the code of the webpages that contain forms to insert data in to the database???

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