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Query help - loop member list


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hi all,

I made a php system where members refers friends, and referred person is accepted,or declined, by the person who accepted the referrer.
Person A is accepted by Person B
Person A refers Person C to Person B
Person B accept Person C

member table update=> Person C addedby Person A

So as occurs a hierarchy from top down where people can see who is added the system by whom.

My question is: i can't solve the login behind this, also the way of presenting the memberlist in a top down hierarchy format.

Anyone have idea ?
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If you had 3 columns,  [ user, friend, referral ] , you could draw them out sorted any way you want.

Select * from people
order by referral asc , friend asc

I imagine person C's record would be
[code]#user | friend | referral
#  C        B          A[/code]

I guess I don't really understand the exact result you are trying to get, but here's some bonus queries anyhow.

# friendliest people
select count(*) friends , friend
from people
group by friend
order by friends desc

#most referrals
select count(*) referrals, referral referring_person
from people
group by referral
having referrals>1
order by referrals desc
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