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I posted this site a while back and got a great reponse from you guys, iv since done some updates to the site, added user profiles, added who's online, total members and total players online ( which interfaces direct with the flash game via php and mysql )

Would love to have your continued ideas for improvement.

We have broken over [b]100,000 members[/b] who play from [b]all over the world[/b] ( literally! )

Ib also recently created a custom ad manager system so i can log ad views and clicks etc ( i tried openads and a few others and they were too much for what i needed, so i made my own, which il be releasing soon :-) )

Anyways, www.8baller.co.uk is the site, like i said, over 100,000 members, free multiplayer pool. Id love your help and/or support with ideas and possible features for the main site. Unfortunatly i dont wish to have ideas on the actual flash game itself, as this is constantly been developed by my flash team.
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Looks nice.
There is a javascript error on the index page - you might want to take a look at that.

Also - I would like to see more a:hover on links and buttons on your site. Looks well tho. Glad to hear its taking off for you.

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Sorry i havent replied to you guys sooner.

steviewdr  -  Yeah the sites been bodged since it started to get bigger, bits of code here and there just to get it working, were hard at work on V3 of the site as we want a better site for the players, not just a homepage and the game page, we want a few decent pages for the people to click through.

Ober  -  Thanks for your continued support of the site! :)

jcombs_31    -  I know the ads are annoying, the site needs its own dedicated server to run the game, no-one wants to pay to play, so ads are unfortunalty needed. those really annoying ones are from the valueclickmedia network, but we have recently scored a contract with a far more targetted ad company and are testing the ads on a 50/50 share, so if they go well, there will be no more jumpy ads.

Im hard at work on V3 of the site design  ( an evolvement the current design ) and were building the ads into the design, so hopefully they wont look to much outta place.

Im at that stage where the sites so big it needs its own server and the ads are not paying enough for the server, which is annoying. So a redesign is in the making to breath some more life into the site, and hopefully pick up some more revenue.
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