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It is a little slow on loading. You could add in a php executing time on your pages to find out where the bottleneck is.

Anyways - nice website.
On the Navigation - you could think about leaving the coloured square on, at what ever page you are at.
E.g. if your on the Festivals page, then the Festivals green square could be coloured in.

You could put a "home" on the navigation. Also if you could make the graphic for the main icon larger - to cover all of the splash logo - it would be easier to return to home. - Like if you click on the splash to the right or the bottom - the <a href wont register with a person.

Overall nice - fixed layouts are grand.

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Thanks Stevie for your feedback...

You mentioned adding php executing time..ok, im a nounce, how does this work?

Point taken about the colour squares..this should be no problem with a few css ammendments.

...strange enough, i just done a big search and replace to change the home image to increase the coverage..

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A php timing script : example here -> [a href=\"http://www.phpbuilder.com/columns/akent20000926.php3\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.phpbuilder.com/columns/akent20000926.php3[/a]
There are loads out there.

As for the top left graphic -> it now has no <a href!

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