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ezUpload Pro 2.2 Adding files to customer directory


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Hi Guys,
I bought the Ezeeupload script and my customer think it's wonderful apart from one issue I need to overcome. They are putting the pressure on me and I need some advice from you guys.

The script all works as he wants, apart from the fact that he wants to be able to dump files in the customers "folder" (directory, or to appear in their list of uploaded files in the Public File Browser).

I tried to dump a file in a customer subdirectory in the "files" subdir, and the program doesn't see it.
I guess it's reading from the Database where the list is stored, not straight from the directory list.

The program works great with individual logins, as my customer doesn't want other customers of theirs that upload files to see other customers files. The Public File Browser takes care of that.

I just need to modify it in a way so that my customer can upload files to a customers login area (Public File Browser area) without having to log in as them (and having to know their passwords etc).

The customer is pushing me to get this going and I have looked around in the code. I can chop and change PHP and write basic PHP \ understand it, so understand the rough structure of the program.

Many thanks in advance.
save me before my hair falls out with stress :-)

Best Regards,
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