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php iif? (if and only if)


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say for e.g

function Get_Occupation() {
return $this->row['Occupation'];

does php have a iif function? so in 1 line i can do something like

return iif($this->row['Occupation'] != "", $this->row['Occupation'], "Undisclosed");

so to say if the occupation isnt blank, return it, otherwise return 'undisclosed' any one know?
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// Side Conversation
What does if and only if mean? Computers aren't wishy washy, it's not like they'll see
if($x == 6){

and think "five is close to six, I guess 5 counts too";
if means if, how could you have an if that isn't "only" if?
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Almost. It has the tertiary operator that is a short-hand for the "if-then-else" sequence. This is one way of solving your problem:
function iff($tst,$cmp,$bad) {
return(($tst == $cmp)?$cmp:$bad);

echo iff('one','two','three').'<br>';
echo iff('four','four','ok');

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