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[SOLVED] php/mysql date manipulation (for annual membership periods)


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I've been on a seemingly simple task for two days now.  I'm hoping someone here can give me a hand.  I'm trying to write code to do the following.  (I've always had a bit of a mental block on the date and time functions with php.)

Insert into a mysql table today's date
//this I'm thinking I can do by setting $var=now()

Also insert today's date plus one year (to show the end date of the annual membership period).
//pulling my hair on how to add a year

Also, if the member renews the membership I need to be able to add another year to membership period (without losing the time left on the current annual period - so if they have a month left, the new end date would be 13 months into the future after adding another year).

Thanks for any help.
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[quote author=jesirose link=topic=124348.msg515033#msg515033 date=1169941078]
$sql = "INSERT INTO table(field) VALUES(now())"; Don't use a variable, just do now()

plus a year
$year = time()+(60*60*24*365);

Thanks.  I'll do the first part.  For the second part I was hoping to find a '+1 year' sort of solution that takes care of leap years too.  I then need to be able to call the value from mysql (the end date of the membership) and add a year at any time.  Any thoughts on that?

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time() is an ok solution if you are always going a year from now, but memberships are most often renewed before they expire.

So if my expiration date is 2007-06-01 (date format, not unix time), and I wanted a add a year from THEN, try
update members set expDate =
where mbrID=1;

That gets you year beyond what I'm already due.
Be careful that if the membership is expired already not to shirtchange them, (use now)
concat( date_format(now(),'%Y')+1 ,date_format(now(),'-%m-%d'))
#year from now without php

How you handle leap years is up to you. What you consider correct is correct.
This method grants the occasional 366 day-year.
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