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Ive attatched a screenshot of my database structure

Basically I want to prodcude some results that will add up all the rows from 1-31 and output the result in the following format

1 - total number
2 - total number
3 - total number
4 - total number
5 - total number

Whats the best way to do this, with a query? Rather than having 31 seperate queries all using the SUM() method

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I'm trying to blow your mind or nothin,  but you can do your flags in a single field, if you felt like it, using bits.


Say you have 4 flags (quests in a game).

! - Defeated Ogre
! - Saved the old man
! - Helped Timmy out of the well
! - Slayed the Dragon

Any could be on or off at any given time.
Assign them binary values relating to decimal place.

1 - Defeated Ogre
2 - Saved the old man
4 - Helped Timmy out of the well
8 - Slayed the Dragon

If I saved the old man and helped timmy, my number is 6.

Some bitwise operators are '&' , '|'
(ever wonder why you've been using && and || ?  These are tests for truth, return 1 or 0)
if (($myNumber & 2) == 2)
  echo "you had saved the old man";

6 in binary is 110 .
2 in binary is  10.

0110 &  (& finds like bits)
0010 =

To try to answer your question though, you could use a function. Write it once, use it wether you have 31 fields or 31,000 fields.

function countFlags($flagnum)
  $q=mysql_query("select sum($flagnum) from flags");
  return $r[0];

function countAllFlags()
          $list.=$i . ' - ' . countFlag($i)
  return $list;

echo countAllFlags();
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