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**solved**mktime() and Date() functions


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Hi, I have this setup:

    while($row = $mysqldb->fetchObject()) {
        $today = time();
        $date = $row->startdate;
        $d = split("-",$date);
        $date_seconds = mktime(0,0,0,$d[1],$d[2],$d[0]);
        if ($today > $date_seconds) {
              //DO SOMETHING
but the end result is this:

Before this query I have a query to extract all the article for that day, and this I have the query above to extract the articles from the past. After the current day articles are extracted, for some reason, query above starts extracting the past article STARTING with the current date. WHY IS THAT? I specifially put to be ">" as in to extract everything smaller, not ">=".

any help is appreciated.

this is my first time usage of these type of functions.
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