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File upload makes the browser try to download .php page!

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The title says most of it..

I have a simple file input box that expects either an xml file, or an xml file inside a zip. I upload a test file, and instead of refreshing the page, the browser tries to download the page for some obscure reason.

Everything worked fine on my local PC, so I'm assuming it's something configured on my server that I'll have to get around.

The problem doesn't seem to be in the file upload itself, because if you upload some other file type, the system will get far enough to tell you that you've sent the wrong kind of file. Same applies if you try to upload an incorrectly formatted xml file.

The page itself is here: [a href=\"http://pospi.spadgos.com/projects/Xexplorer2/index.php?custom=1\" target=\"_blank\"]http://pospi.spadgos.com/projects/Xexplore...ex.php?custom=1[/a] if anyone needs to take a look.

Any help at all appreciated - I'm really stuck on this one!


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