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Question RE: .htaccess file and redirect

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I have a hosted Apache website. I do not have a dedicated server, so I (obviously) do not have access to the root directory.


Currently I have a website up and running with the default file (index.html) at www.mydomain.com


I need to create a CNAME or alias called support.mydomain.com and have it actually point/redirect to www.mydomain.com/support


The problem I am running into is that I CAN create the CNAME support.mydomain.com just fine, however I cannot use a slash in the address I want it to point/redirect to.


One of the technicians suggested that I add a .htaccess file that would make use of the redirect command. So far, I have found that the redirect command will no accept a full path in the \"from\" address, even though it is required in the \"to\" address. SO this will not work.


Is there another command I can use? Any help here would be appreciated. I am an Apache neophyte, but trying to learn (slowly).

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What version of Apache are you running? There was this \"forward slash bug\" awhile back that was giving these kinds of problems. It sounds like a simple misconfiguration in your apache config files if you are running an up to date version of Apache.

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