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hard to critique due to the lack off stuff. you really need to get more down first.


if it's a more modern theme you're going for, with the panels/colours the way they are, then it might be worth looking around to see how others do it, what colours they use, etc. Using boxes like that work well when they're tight together. Take a look at the layout here:



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c'mon chap - what's the point in asking for critique, getting two valid critiques for what little content their is, doing nothing about it, and bumping your topic with a "what about now?" type thing?


even when i search for a snippet and the code pops up, both my own and jcombs' opinion still stand. there's hardly anything there.


what does it say about the quality of your php snippets if the quality of the site hasnt been improved one iota since the last time?


c'mon dude, put some effort in and repost when you're doing better. i suggest you start by re-reading the previous posts/advice.



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Well... other than content, what other features could I add? It is hard to add content, when all the content basically comes from a database.


Tell me about colors, structure, bugs, etc...

features: it's your site - you tell me. what do YOU want?

bugs: remember the PM I sent you about SQL injection? yep - still a HUGE problem.

structure: who knows. there's only two active pages. i cant tell you much about structure.

colours/layout: look at the link i posted ^ in above post.

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ok, now we're getting somewhere. but:


- your logo is HUGE when it doesnt really need to be (at least on a 1024x768 anyway). it pushes your main content right down the page and leaves a huge amount of whitespace next to the logo.

- it's very "faceless". you need some form of footer with all the "Help", "Contact", "Terms & Conditions", etc or whatever. just to give it a feel of being a real site, not just a test.

- top logo - make it a link to the main page.

- i feel lost without a navigation. granted, there's not much to navigate around, but still.

- for such a simple page, it really should validate but it doesnt.


either way, you really do need to get your head down and come up with what YOU consider a finished product, else we'll be running around in circles forever. I'm fully aware of how many times a project can change its look over the full course, so really, you'd be better getting critique when it's ready.

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I like the site idea and design. A simple design, and and it goes great with the idea of the site. Many people would take the idea of php snippets and clutter the site with un-needed junk (for example signing up to do stuff, or un-needed features, or ads  :-X)... and just stuff to make the browsing unpleasant.


Your site is fast and simple, yet effective. And I am also going to use the php captcha in a project of my own ;D

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Seems to be pretty popular "Web 2.0" feature.

*puke* @ web 2.0 ;D


actually, tag clouds work quite well.


straying slightly into other realms, and into personal opinionsville, i actually think that sites like these (ie, quite simple, same as loads of others, etc) are a good chance to go to town, just to stand out from the crowd a bit. i've been working on a huge personal project recently and have had to look at loads of sites out there to try and get an idea of what works/what doesnt, and just generally try and give a bit of a unique edge.


firstly, credit where credit's due - since you opened this topic, things have developed alot and getting there slowly.


however, some of my initial sentiments still remain. it's still a bit bland/boring, it's still a bit amateurish considering the target audience, and just doesnt jump out at me.


for an example of where you COULD head, and also taking on board what daniel has just posted (re tag clouds), take a look here:




reasons why i like it - it's subtle and simple, but not dull. easy to use. i like the "category blocks" above the titles, too, as well as the date the particular piece of content was added. Ok, so it's not perfect - but it's a slight push/step up from where you are now with what is otherwise quite a similar site to yours.


good work so far.


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Wouldn't the cloud tags work just as well as my "popular snippets" section, they sound like they are basically the same thing am I right?


I changed section headers, and added the last 50 characters of the last comment under each snippet.


My snippet count is currently 18.


I still don't know what to do when my count goes past 20 or 23 (I will raise the 23 soon), the popular snippets shows a max of 20, and the new snippets shows a max of 23, currently the only way to find the snippet once it goes off one of those lists, is to use the search box. Anyone have any creative ideas of how I could make these findable other than just the search box?

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Wouldn't the cloud tags work just as well as my "popular snippets" section, they sound like they are basically the same thing am I right?


Not really. Giving a snippet would be like giving it a category or subject, then the tag cloud shows which categories/subjects that are most popular by giving them larger sizes than the less popular (bigger = more popular). The list of popular snippets just shows which specific snippets that are most popular.


See: http://devzone.zend.com/public/view and http://devzone.zend.com/public/tagcloud

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personally i like the page.  i would use different pages for the links to the snippets instead of the tag cloud...i just find them annoying.


also, i would include something about the licencing of the code and also the terms and conditions stating that you aren't responsible for anything that happens with the code...

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Might be helpful to provide a dropdown to specify a certain snippet... you might want to collect their email address too.  And provide some kind of error message if they don't fill it out correctly.  Oh, and you should probably make a name/email address required for submission.

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