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Adsense/Adwords like system [opensource]


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I want to duplicate some of the adsense in a slight variation. Instead of tracking how many impressions/clicks an ad gets on another site, I want to track them on my site.


Insert link/ad/whatever into database.  Track impressions, clicks (unique clicks v. recurring clicks), give a precentage of unique vs. recurring clicks, provide a way for users to log into a panel and track their links/ads/whatever (view precentages, clicks, impressions, etc), add new links/ads/whatever and be billed for them, etc.  I know this is going to be extremely complex, which is why I will also be releasing it as a software, but I need some advice.  What are some things you might include?


How would you do it?  Obviously, I don't want any pre-packaged software (ie. stuff that will handle the ticketing system, etc).  But should I use a framework or build my own?  Obviously OOP and Database design.  Cookies AND sessions, or just sessions?  Won't be using credit card support, because that requires users getting SSL and I want to make this as free as possible, so I will be using whatever service PayPal will offer. And of course check/money order.  Able to show invoice, past dues.  A registering system, but how advanced should it be?  Just basic name, address, phone, age/birth, etc. 


I just need a bit of help elaborating on this.  Would you provide two-way support? Like allow users to make ads/links and display on their site and get paid for that?  That would require a much more advanced system, but I am open to any and all suggestions.


Some of the things I'm looking at here is:


  • Registration System
  • Tracking how many impressions and ads your link/ad get on my site
  • Invoicing system/billing
  • A way for a user to add links from their panel, and of course confirm this
  • Will be processing paypal payments.
  • FAQ/Helpdesk for questions and such
  • Live support?
  • If we go with two-way, track how many impressions/clicks a users site generates on ads we give them, and of course paying them


Just a list of some features. I was thinking a custom framework, database design, design patterns, front controllers. This will mean that when a person makes an ad/link it show a box to the admin of premade code (this code would include a form of database connection perhaps, and include a file that contains the mysql query) so the admin can copy and paste this right where he wants the ad to be and the impressions/clicks are tracked instantly.


Well, I think that is about it. Sorry it is so long. As I was typing ideas just kept pouring out.  Some help refining this would be great.

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I don't have much time to reply right now, I have to go to work..


I think most of it is pretty straightforward. A helpdesk / live support might be a little over the top. I've seen many sites use it, but I think it only frustrates when you start the app and there's nobody online. You can't be online all the time, can you?


Cookies AND sessions, or just sessions?


(Here we go again  :P) I don't see the use of addional cookies if you setup you session management system to use cookies. Why would you want to do that?


Try making a basic class diagram. There are other types of UML better suited for OOA at this level, but I can't help you with those.  :P Maybe Jenk or utexas_pjm can help you with that.

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Start with a basic package diagram (that includes package dependencies), then start adding classes, then add relations and attributes and operations relevant to those relations.


Eventually add the remaining operations and attributes, press generate and start coding.  :P

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Like I said, there are UML diagrams that should give you a better OOA experience.... But hey... If you need any specific help withi PD or CD just asj (specific questions)... I know there are people other than that are very well capable to answer it for you.

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