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Array in a cookie

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I'm trying to have an array to maintain the id's of some favourite items, like a shopping cart but no that complicated. I can't get it to add to the array tho, can anyone help?

// get id from url
if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['setid'])) {
$setid = (get_magic_quotes_gpc()) ? $HTTP_GET_VARS['setid'] : addslashes($HTTP_GET_VARS['setid']);
// check if cookie set and if so add new setid on the end
if(isset($feature)) {
echo $featureid;
$featureid = $featureid .= ','.$setid;
} else { // cookie not set yet
// only one entry so add as is
$featureid = $setid;
setcookie("feature", $featureid, time()+604800); /* Expires in a week */
$URL="./lightbox.php";header ("Location: $URL");

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cookies auto array, all you have to do is specify the name of the item when adding it to the cookie.

$time = time() + 360000;
setcookie("sbh[id]", "$id", "$time", "/", ".sbhmed.com");
setcookie("sbh[uname]", "$uname", "$time", "/", ".sbhmed.com");
setcookie("sbh[fname]", "$fname", "$time", "/", ".sbhmed.com");
setcookie("sbh[ulevel]", "$ulevel", "$time", "/", ".sbhmed.com");
setcookie("sbh[email]", "$email", "$time", "/", ".sbhmed.com");
setcookie("sbh[date]", "$date", "$time", "/", ".sbhmed.com");

To retrieve the item you would do something like this:
[code]echo $_COOKIE['sbh']['fname'];[/code]

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