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Hi I built my website from scratch awhile ago and would just like some people to rate it,


the backround on the main page is not always there, its just currently there for advertisement reasons.


the site is a rock music community for people that love nothing more than basicly rock music what ever genre. you can ahve a profile, blog, gallery, post on the forums, chat, watch/upload videos, play music and much more....

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Seriously, the site needs an overhaul design wise.

to be fair to 13th_Star, so does myspace. only difference being myspace did it first in terms of social networking sites mixed with bad HTML - so that was its "quirk"


doesnt mean i like what myspace have done though....


personally, i think that "theming" pages should be slightly limited somewhat, rather than allowing full out and out going to town HTML butchery. it's been done now, so time to move on. I can appreciate the work that would have gone into your site so far, but i think you need to change its direction/image slightly to move AWAY from myspace a bit - otherwise, well - might as well just use myspace. the music scene is good on there too - albeit all kinds of music.


i'd say it "will do for now" - and as you've got a fair few members, ripping it down and starting again isnt really practical - but maybe it's worth putting a bulletin or something out to them too and see what they say.


i'd start probably by making the communal pages more readable and less myspacey, and leaving the dodgy HTML to the member pages.


good luck

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I have got a few profile layouts on there for members to use, the only reason one looks alot like the myspace one is becuase people like to use that layout.


the members that come on my site like being able to put there own html in aswell, if they could'nt I dont think I'd have any members there at all.


and top the person who went on about the background lol, its only gonna be there for another few more days like it already has only been there for awhile.

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