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UPDATE works, but I want to see what's in there first...

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I have a simple form running that I am succesfully using UPDATE to update the info in the database, but in my form (on my web page) I would like to see what is currently there before I edit or update that info. I tried this...





$db = mysql_connect(\"localhost\", \"\", \"\");




$sql = \"SELECT * FROM rick\";


$result = mysql_query($sql);


$myrow = mysql_fetch_array($result);


$one = $myrow[\"one\"];





and then in my form, I just tried to assign the value of the input field using the info I just retrieved from the db...


<input type=text name=one maxlength=50 size=50 value=\"<? $one ?>\" >


Unfortunatelly, this did not work. Also I should point out that my form action is another php file that handles the UPDATE. And like I said, the UPDATE works great, I\'d just like to be able to see what\'s in there before I edit or update it.


Thanks for looking,


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$db = mysql_connect("localhost", "", ""); 


$sql = "SELECT * FROM rick";  // u have to give a where if u want to match this query will get all the data from the table;

//use  select one from rick where <condition>

$result = mysql_query($sql); 



$one = $myrow["one"]; 

echo "<input type=text name=one maxlength=50 size=50 value=\'$one\' > "

} while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_array($result));

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Ok, I got this figured out. Here is what my finished code looks like for anyone else who would like to do something similar...




$db = mysql_connect(\"localhost\", \"\", \"\");



$sql=\"SELECT * FROM rick\";



$row = mysql_fetch_array($result);


$one = $row[\"one\"];

$two = $row[\"two\"];

$three = $row[\"three\"];



echo \"<font face=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica size=2><form action=\"rick_top_ten_action.php\" method=\"post\">\";

echo \"<p><input type=text name=one maxlength=50 size=50 value=$one>\";

echo \"<p><input type=text name=two maxlength=50 size=50 value=$two>\";

echo \"<p><input type=text name=three maxlength=50 size=50 value=$three>\";


echo \"<p><br><input type=submit value=Update>\";




I actually have ten instead of the three shown, and there is alot more to the html, but to simplify things I am only showing what is necessary for this to work for you.




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