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Using include when wrappers are involved

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Posted 01 March 2006 - 01:22 AM


I think this question is more php related than web design so I will ask it here.

I've been working on layout and it involves wrappers and containing divs to center it and put things where I want them. I've created the layout in one file and splitting it up later like I've read to do. How will I include each part when each part has to be inside of the wrapper? If I put the wrapper div inside the file the the left coloumn is in for example, when I include the content box, its outside of the wrapper.

Here is the layout in one file. [a href=\"http://metaltactics.com/version2.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://metaltactics.com/version2.php[/a]

Thats how I want it to look but I need to chop up the header, leftcol, content box, footer, etc into seperate peices so I can edit them individually if I need to.

I've heard of the program Smarty from reading forums. Can someone explain exactly what this is and if it would be smart to use it in my situation?


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