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clueless newb can't get mysql running :)

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Hi, I really need some help on mysql.


I want to learn php and mysql so I can teach my students later in the year, yet I have spent the last 2 days trying to get the mysql loaded and running locally on my machine (win98v2) without success.


After installing the software the mysqld-opt dos window comes up and wants to be connected to the net, OK I do it, the kernal processor goes to 100% and the machine slows to an unusable crawl.


The winmysqladmin 1.4 window comes up (only after disconnecting from the net cause the machine runs so slowly) and its unusable. The database window won\'t accept any input and I can\'t open, make, or do ANYTHING with the freekin program.


Is there an input interface, a place to create and make databases, surely this is not the end of mysql?


Any help would be gratefully recieved, I am confident i can use the program if I can only get it to run locally on a win98v2 machine first. later I will need to run it on NT2000 machines locally as well.

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hey thanks for the quick reply, yep that program WILL certainly help me make db\'s, but the first part is still an issue. I can\'t get the program running to create a db to work with. Is the mysql admin the only interface that you use?

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