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php and mysql - inserting data into sentinel

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i am currently building a basic website to get the feel for using mySql and so on.. i have a registration form from which i wish the data entered by the user to enter into a database i have.. however, i have tried various different attempts to get this working but i am failing each time.. here is my code:


$connection = mysql_connect("sentinel.cs.cf.ac.uk","scm5sjc","my_password_here");
mysql_select_db("sjcdb",$connection)or die("failed!");


mysql_query("INSERT INTO info values('NULL', '$title','$last','$age',$subject','$year','$email')",$connection);


This page is named 'display.php' and is linked up by the registration form 'main.php'.. once the submit button is pressed, however on the website "https://www.cs.cf.ac.uk/phpMyAdmin/index.php" where my database is, no data is entered.. any help would be great!!!



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mysql_query("INSERT INTO info values('NULL', '$title','$last','$age',$subject','$year','$email')",$connection);
mysql_query("INSERT INTO info values('NULL', '$title','$last','$age',$subject','$year','$email')",$connection) OR die(mysql_error());

and paste what error it has..

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