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Whats wrong with this code?


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What is wrong with this code:


NOTE: I use phpbb. I am having it link to the phpbb files. If someone could remake my idea without the use of php I would greatly appritate it.




<title>DFA :: Stocks :: Check Value</title>




define(\'IN_PHPBB\', true); 

$phpbb_root_path = \'./forum/\'; 

include($phpbb_root_path . \'extension.inc\'); 

include($phpbb_root_path . \'common.\'.$phpEx); 

if ($mode = "username")


$sql = "SELECT username AS username WHERE username = \'$username\' FROM ".USERS_TABLE."";

if ( !($result = $db->sql_query($sql)) ) 


   message_die(GENERAL_ERROR, \'Could not check username.\', \'\', __LINE__, __FILE__, $sql); 


$row = $db->sql_fetchrow($result); 

$usernamecheck = "$row[username]"; 

if ($username != $usernamecheck)


 print "Invalid Username!";


$sql = "SELECT name, value FROM stocks WHERE owner = $username 

if ( ! ($result = $db->sql_query($sql)) )


 message_die(GENERAL_ERROR, \'Could not query stocks.\', \'\', __LINE__, __FILE__, $sql);


while( $row = $db->sql_fetchrow($result) ) 


 print "$row[name]; $row[value]";







Just replace host with localhost, username with USERNAME, and password with PASSWORD if you write a connecting thing.

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