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SQL Error

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Does anyone know if I can fix this error or if I have to redo the databases? This is from an invision board I have (and I really don\'t want to have to reinstall it as for various reasons this will be the 4th reinstall in a month and my members are getting peeved...)


mySQL query error: SELECT COUNT(tid) as max FROM ibf_topics WHERE forum_id=\'8\' and approved=\'1\' and (last_post > 0 or pinned=1)  


mySQL error: Can\'t open file: \'ibf_topics.MYI\'. (errno: 145)  

mySQL error code: 1016  

Date: Thursday 24th of April 2003 07:24:40 AM



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- make sure the file exists in your data directory, if so make sure it has correct permissions

- check your hostname.err file in the data directory, maybe it will give you more specifics

- attempt to run check table ibf_topics

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Thank you. I use phpmyadmin and I\'m a bit of a newbie. I couldn\'t find a data directory or hostname.err but I found the ibf_topics table in phpmyadmin and ran the check on it and got 2 warnings and 2 errors:


warning - Table is marked as crashed

warning - Not used space is supposed to be: 20 but is: 0

error - record delete-link-chain corrupted

error - Corrupt


I can\'t get properties on the table at all - I get the error:

Can\'t open file: \'ibf_topics.MYI\'. (errno: 145)


And on the database list of tables it\'s got \"in use\" where it should have Records, Type and Size info. Insert, Properties and Drop are clickable but the first two bring up the error above and I\'ve not tried the last one.


:D Woohoo! I just asked it to repair the table and it did! That is the first thing to go right in 2 months! I\'ve left the info I\'d already written in case someone else had the same problem. Thanks for your help!

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