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working with MyBB

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i have this installed, and i am trying to do a autorization system with php. where you have to use your forum username and password in order to use the script. i assumed the password encryption was md5, but my encrypted password for the forum is diffrent from the md5 i had generated with php...

does anyone know what it is encrypted with and how you will turn $password2 to the encrypted password from $password

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Hi [b]joecooper[/b]. I have used the MyBBoard forum before and it is a good forum! MyBB does use md5 to encrypt their passwords, but it uses a method called salt. With salt they encrypt the password with md5 as you do, but then they generate a random salt string which is then added to the encrypted password and then is md5'd again.

I believe the salt string is stored in the mybb_users table for that user.

I would recommend you to hop over to [a href=\"http://community.mybboard.net/\" target=\"_blank\"]MyBB Support Forum[/a]. Ask the guys there for help with what you are trying to do. They should provide you with a straight forward awnser to your problem.

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