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Anyone using PHP Eclipse with XAMPP?

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Does anyone here use PHP Eclipse & if so ... do you probably use XAMPP on your pc?
I have tried to configure it, and indeed some few other open source IDEs, but end up failing, because of confusing configuration instructions or may be to be fair, that I find quite confusing. Some sites give the impression it's a few clicks away, after installing PHP eclipse + a few further steps, other give an endless & confusing list of steps & changes u are supposed to make to have it fully configured.

Maguma has a free version which hardly needed any work on it to get it going, BUT they limit u to doing sites that have at most 20 files.

Any help to configure PHP Eclipse or any other named Open Source PHP IDE for use at home with XAMPP (latest version) by someone who is relatively new to PHP?

I have Xampp up & functioning at D:/Program Files/Xampp
Where do I best install Eclipse (inside /xampp or htdocs? for example & so on up to when I can write & test php scripts) & what exactly do I do after downloading the PHP Eclipse plug in?

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