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App not picking up email address

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I have an internal application that tracks a petition process for my office.

One of the functions sends and email to the property appraiser that was assigned to review the petition.

It has worked for the past 3 years, but for some reason this year The emails are getting kicked back to me with a no receipient error. The 'To:' field is blank.


    $selectSQL="SELECT * from Appraisers where Name='$appraiser'";
    $emailsubject="You have been assigned petition # ".$PetitionNumber;
      $emailmess=" Link:\n /vab2006/lookup.php?petid=".$PetitionNumber;
    mail($emailapp, $emailsubject, $emailmess);
    mail($emailadressapp, $emailsubject, $emailmess);
      $emailsubject="Petiton No.".$PetitionNumber." has been updated";
      $emailmess=" Link:\n /vab2006/lookup.php?petid=".$PetitionNumber;
    mail($emailadresscompt, $emailsubject, $emailmess);
      header ("Location:property.php?Ok=1&pet=$PetitionNumber");


Any ideas?? I am stumped.

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