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How to display form data and have user OK it before insert into MySQL without JavaScript?

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I have a shared host that supports MySQL 4 and PHP 4.1

I have a medium size form and I would like the data entered on it displayed back to the user with some type of "are you sure this is correct" button before I insert the record into the database.

If they say it is OK, I'd then like to bring up a form that takes their credit card information for a conference registration fee and once they CC processes to display a printable invoice which would also need to pull information from the first _POST array.

Should I use session variables to accomplish this?

Once the user hits the submit button the PHP server is going to get all the form data in _POST

I create short variables from _POST to display the form data back but I'm stuck as to the next step.

I'd like to say something like "If this is correct click continue otherwise use your browser's back button and correct the form"

If I provide a "Correct, continue" button as an input button with the action being a insert.php script which will insert the form data into MySQL, won't the insert.php script only receive the contents of the button in _POST? All of my form data from the first .php script that displayed the data will be lost?

I can't figue out how to do this without JavaScript.

So I guess to restate my problem in a simpler way, how can my .php scripts that I need to write to insert the data from the form and display the invoice all access the data that was posted in the original form _POST array?

I'm new to this if it isn't obvious. I have a subscription to Books 24x7 and I've been searching books & the web trying to figure this out. I guess I just need some experience folks to "show me the way" and I'll research it and figure it out ... just need a push.



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