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Where to start?

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Hi all! I am looking to you for some direction on where to start with PHP/MySQL.

My 14 year old daughter wants to learn PHP. I have been told to learn PHP on my website forum. For me to keep track of my links on my website.

My daughter wants to be a web-designer and wants to learn PHP. She has taught herself html with the dummies books. She is doing some incredible stuff with Adobe Photo Shop. I went to PHP for dummies and read the comments and no one recommened them for a complete beginner--which we both are. We have no idea what it is or where to start. I don't even understand what they are talking about with servers and such.

Where do we start?

Tami and Lindsey

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Welcome to the forum...you are in good hands.

Forget the books jst yet and watch the forum for a while...just read the messages. It doersnt matter if you understand them at first...just get a feel for what is possible.

After that decide what you might like to do...post the question and people will help. I knew nothing before i started on here....and with each day I learn more.

Best wishes


except how to spell

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hi, welcome to PHP!

along what willpower said, just look us over for a while, here are some additional resources you can go to if you want to find alot of information on one subject :

The PHP manual (Documentation, left side of screen)
The MYSQL manual (also under Documentation)
www.php.net, they have a handy function lookup that has the syntax and examples

These are the main ones I use, Im sure there are others

Good Luck!

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Thanks !!

I liked hearing that!! I knew nothing about building a web site or SEO a year ago. Now I am on page one of MSN, Yahoo, ask and bunch more--learned everything from forums and still so much to learn!!


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Guest edwinsweep
hi twhTami
i started writing php about 6 to 8 months ago after reading 1 book (PHP5 for dummies).
my knowledge about html whas about 0, i knew how to make a hyperlink and a table.(that's about all i knew)
ever since i have been searching the phpfreaks site and after searching the internet i ended up with a pretty good basic tutorial site for multiple scripts named [a href=\"http://www.tizag.com\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.tizag.com[/a] the most important facts to know is how a webserver works and understanding what it actualy does when the php module is working. once you understand that, its actualy like you have seen the light, and realise what the potential of the php script actualy is.(people will try to explain you what php can be made to do, but actualy it's almost limitless!)
dont try to understand the syntax (the tags of the script)of php if you dont even know the concept.
atleast it wasted my time (spending hours on www.php.net and not knowing that php itsself doesnt show on your browser).
and consulting the php freaks newbie forum must have atleast spared me hours of searching for errors.
dont think your asking a stupid question, if you have only 2 lines of script written down and they wont work!
even the best programmers go trough those things!
(BTW at the moment im designing a forum for the biggest heatlh and care organisation of my country completely from the ground up!)
Good Luck with everything.

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