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Carry data to another page

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Hi all

I have a simple script which produces a code for me on the homepage, the php I use is

$rand1 = (rand()%99999);
$rand2 = chr(rand(ord("a"), ord("z")));
$date = date("dmY");
$code = "$rand1$rand2$date";[/code]

I then print the code using

[code]<?php print "$code"; ?>[/code]

How can I retain this code and print it on any page that the user goes to? Even if they return to the homepage, how can I keep the code without it being replaced with a new one?

How could I also create a page to delete the code so the user can get a new code when they return to the homepage.

Any help would be great

Thanks in advance everyone


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You can store it in a cookie or put "?code=$code" after all of your links.

Sessions are a way of storing lots of persistent information using a cookie or a variable on every link. PHP can automate the process somewhat. You can look into that as well.

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