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Newbie hosting question

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Is vps and dedicated servers the same? Seems like you can make vps out of a vds. The only difference is that only you can add sites to the dvs? Let's say I have a vps with Mike's vds. Mike also has 5 other people with vps under his vds. Does that mean that all 6 of us are sharing the space and bandwith from Mike's vds or do we have our set space and bandwith from Mike's vds?

Does unmetered bandwith equal unlimited?

Thanks in advance.

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VPS are sometimes called virtual dedicated servers. It is an alloted amount of space on server that you can do whatever you'd like with. But they're not technically "fully dedicated" to you. Your space/CPUs/RAM are split between you and whoever else might be on the same physical hardware, but maybe on a different partition of the hard drive.

In the case you suggest, you're probably all sharing the same physical hardware and bandwidth capabilities, but you're probably split up into different partitons of the harddisk.

And yes, unmetered bandwidth is unlimited.

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