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Am I correct?

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So am correct in thinking that in order to be a versatile and well established web programmer, you're going to need to learn:


Did I miss any or are those the needed ones? AJAX takes care of JavaScript and XML, PHP takes care of the backend of things and CSS/XHTML takes care of the visual front end.. did I miss something?

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Technically, that should cover it.... but being a versatile web programmer, you're going to want to learn a lot more than that (ASP, ColdFusion, Perl, CGI programming, ... the list goes on). XHTML and CSS are the basis for a lot of great websites, but the back-end interaction can come in a variety of forms. Many web development companies are based off of the MS/ASP/ASP.NET platforms, so to say that learning the things you mentioned would get you very far would be misleading.

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