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Problems installing software

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Hi i am having problems installing TeamSpeak 2 Server on my VPS which is CentOS flavoured linux. It keeps giving me a runtime error. I contacted support but they couldn't seem to get it sorted etheir. The TeamSpeak people don't seem to know what to do ethier since most have been on Suse or debian(?) servers.

The error is:
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coldkill@assault-airlift.com [~]# ls
./ .bashrc .fantasticodata/ public_ftp/
../ .contactemail .lastlogin public_html/
.bash_history .cpanel-datastore/ .spamkey teamspeak-old/
.bash_logout .cpanel-ducache cpanel3-skel/ tmp/
.bash_profile .dns mail/ www@
coldkill@assault-airlift.com [~]# cd ts
-bash: cd: ts: No such file or directory
coldkill@assault-airlift.com [~]# cd teamspeak-old
coldkill@assault-airlift.com [~/teamspeak-old]# ls
./ Manual/ libsqlmy.so sqlite.so
../ README manual.html sqlite_sql/
INSTALL* changelog.txt mysql_sql/ tcpquerydocs/
INSTALL.mysql httpdocs/ server_linux* teamspeak2-server_startscript*
coldkill@assault-airlift.com [~/teamspeak-old]# ./teamspeak2-server_startscript start
starting the teamspeak2 server
Runtime error 0 at BFFFE678 <- <- <- <- <- <-
./teamspeak2-server_startscript: line 7: 29731 Segmentation fault ./server_linux -PID=tsserver2.pid
coldkill@assault-airlift.com [~/teamspeak-old]#

Thanks in advance,

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