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READ THESE GUIDELINES (or don't expect your question to be answered)


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To ensure that your post gets answered as soon as possible, please make sure you've included the following:


  • your MySQL server version -- absolutely required!
  • the raw MySQL statement in question [in a CODE block, and without any PHP variables]
  • any errors that MySQL returns to the client [from mysql_error()]
  • the table structure & column indexes of the relevant tables [via SHOW CREATE TABLE is preferred]
  • the EXPLAIN output for your query, if applicable
  • a clear and concise description of what you want this statement to achieve
  • a description of what it's currently doing that's not to your liking
  • a brief listing of the types of things you've attempted so far


If you don't provide any or all of the above, don't be surprised if your post never gets the attention it deserves. >:(



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