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layout critique


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I like the layout, but I really want to see the finished product. There are a some issues I believe you will come across when coding this into an actual website.


1) For the textual section of the site, will it be an internal div? or iframe?


2) If not, will the layout expand down without making it look choppy?


The colors and layout rock though! Pun intended. :P Can't wait to see the finished site!

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jcombs: are you now happy to use flash in your webpages now? I remember a time when you didnt like it. Also - to add to the current flash you are using - it moves constantly (the light effect) on every page. I also remember a time when scrolling and moving objects flash, ticker-tape etc. were all frowned upon here. Has things changed? Its it now "good" web design to use Flashy flash??




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ProjectFrear:  The navigation is not flash


Steviewdr:  I'm using flash because the client wants some flash. I see nothing wrong with flash when used correctly. I will not use the flash header on any page but the index page.  "good" webdesign utitlizes any tools necessary where necessary.


As a personal note, I've always liked flash, but lacked the ability to implement it.  I'm currently designing a full flash site for my son (pictures, videos, etc for family and friends)

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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