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PHP + mySQL + Apache Import/Export VIA PHP code

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[b]*** SOLVED ***[/b]
[i](well wasn't anythign to solve but no further help required thanks to

G'day guys.

Just need a push in the right direction here.

File contents = data for mySQL web database

I want to be able to upload a file, (I have the code already), and then import that into mySQL via some PHP code.

..Similar to phpMyAdmin.

Is there a function that does this, (if so what should I search google for)

if not, then I assume that I will need to PARSE the file with PHP code, (can do that code that sorts each row), need the code / function that is used to open the file (once on webserver) and input it 1 line at a time.

Am sure the rest of the code I can do, just is a lack of familiarality with the all the best / possible ways of doing this. (will also need to do the oposite Take from DB (can do that), output to file on web server (can't do that) and then download to PC (can do that) for import into PC based DB

if you are curious it is PC based Microsoft Access, and Webbased mySQL data that I am using here.

Everyhting I need on the PC based side of things I have covered using VisualBasic, just PHP file open/load/parsing that I need info on.

Thanks guys.

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[a href=\"http://www.blue105.com/internet/support/mysql_offline.html\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.blue105.com/internet/support/mysql_offline.html[/a] looks like simple answers to those questions.

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Brief look makes heaps of sense, if not work then I'm sure I can sort it. cool thanks

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