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I have an applet that I use for advertising on the front page of my site. I was wondering if I could take the applet and save it as applet.phtml and then call for it where ever I want it? The applet looks like:

<APPLET CODE="coolbanner.class" WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60">

<PARAM NAME="img1" VALUE="Advertise/images/Lindatest.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="link1" VALUE="http://www.watercolor-online.com/storefront1/Lindas%20New%20Book.htm">
<PARAM NAME="img2" VALUE="Advertise/images/QuickMile.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="link2" VALUE="http://www.quickmile.com/index.html">

<PARAM NAME="speed" VALUE="3">
<PARAM NAME="delay" VALUE="10">

<PARAM NAME="useborder" VALUE="Y">
<PARAM NAME="bordercolor" VALUE="10">
<PARAM NAME="bordercolorred" VALUE="255">
<PARAM NAME="bordercolorgreen" VALUE="255">
<PARAM NAME="bordercolorblue" VALUE="255">

I was going to call the applet with this:

<script language="php">
include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/PhpScripts/Applet.phtml");

Is this even possible? I am new to PHP. My son is the guru and I am trying to do this one without him.

Wont he be proud?

Thanks in advance.

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include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/PhpScripts/Applet.phtml");

It fails to load the applet for me (because i dont have coolbanner.class) so i cant be sure if it'l completely work but it deffinately loads applet.phtml properly.

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It tries but won't open the images. I think the coolbanner.class file has to be in the same folder.

Thanks for trying.

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