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[SOLVED] Frameset question


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<table><tr><td><frame src=up.html name=top></td></tr>
<tr><td><frame src=down.html name=down></td></tr></table></frameset>


I have the code above but it only loads the first page up.html and ignores the second. Can anyone tell me why?

(I want to use a table because it automatically resizes)


Thank you in anticipation!

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Cant have html and framesets mixed together.


When you are setting up frames all you do is this:

  <frame name="top" [width and hight here etc] src="top.html" />
  <frame name="bottom" [width and hight here etc] src= "bottom.html/>


Your do not include any other html code. in the page. Expcet for the use set of tags html, head, title and body


However there is another type of frame you can use and that's called the inline frame (<iframe></iframe>) which what you use to include an extra web page/website in side your page without setting up a frameset.

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