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Holding The Baby...


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yeah definitely, and i really appreciate the effort too. what I would say is i'd probably be keen to keep many of the colour variations on the panel headers, although the way you've taken the panel background colour off and it still manages to keep to clearly defined sections - that's good. I'd also say i'll probably still keep the black up top.


i originally had the search box running across where the Lego banner is (on the site itself) and it didnt look too bad, but putting it up top definitely takes away some of that whitespace jcombs mentioned previously.


i do like the lego down the bottom right corner. i'd just have to look at how much it'd impact different pages (in terms of overlaying content not being visible, etc) but i'm keen to play around with it, as with the bullets.

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Well, I'd probably move the search box and replace it with a user login box, rather then the addtional login/register buttons that are there on the right. I'd move the search over there. I would add some transparence to the legos so they are not overbearing and you can still lay some text over them. But I think the content area looks much cleaner.

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I don't think black is associated with babies. With men, maybe, but men and babies means no black IMO.


Also the avatars in "newest members" in my sketch bother me: to boring. So I thought of spicing it up by using a little distortion:




I'm no GD expert, but I reckon it can be done with GD.


Agree with jcombs on lego transparency. Not too much though, because the bright colours are an intentional effect.


Yeah, I more or less randomly placed the search box. If you have to decide between a login or a search textfield, I suggest a searchfield though: it's not a high security site, so remembering members' login will eliminate much need to login.

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;D well i'm hopefully gonna have a bit of time to put some of the suggestions into action over the next few days, notably from the images 448191 has provided (although I thank everyone for comments so far, positive and critical).


Before I get cracking, and maybe even using 448191's new mock-up's as benchmarks, I'd be keen to grab a few more thoughts before I get stuck in to proper changes. What people would see as beneficial to change or leave well alone.


Anyways - cheers so far for your input.


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